The Serving Leader Seminar
The Serving Leader Seminar
will empower you to:
1) Ignite your vision and instil the mission of your organisation into every employee
2) Deepen understanding of employee's purpose and motivation, aligned to the vision of your organisation
3) Embed the core values into your team's daily activities
4) Integrate your core values into hiring and management practices
5) Teach, Coach, and Delegate to increase capacity building
6) Identify and build on strengths for team development and succession planning
7) Create a thriving culture of service that impacts the community and makes a difference in the sector

Upcoming Webinar: December 9, 10 & 12


The 4 Ps


John's compelling stories about the successes and failures of those around him connects John to the hearts and minds of his audience. Turning common sense into common practice, John illustrates how various leaders across the world are applying The 5 Actions℠ of a Serving Leader to change their industries, improve bottom-line results, and make a difference in the world of their employees, clients, and communities.



Obtain the necessary tools, applications, and resources to inspire a culture change in your teams and organisations. Included in this seminar is the best-selling book The Serving Leader which has empowered over 150,000 leaders across the globe. Learnings from the Serving Leader Model will improve not only your professional life but also your personal life.



Gather together with fellow leaders for a common purpose: to be great leaders who bring out the very best in their people. Be a part of this highly experiential and immersive seminar with insightful discussions with other leaders.


The Serving Leader Model is not theory. It is the result of research identifying the behaviors that successful leaders do to produce great results while creating a thriving workplace environment.